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“Thankyou for all of your support, encouragement and investment in (our daughter’s) learning journey. We have seen her grow and flourish socially and in her confidence and her passion for nature. Thankyou for creating a wonderful kindy community where everyone feels welcome” - 2015
“All staff are incredibly warm, approachable, kind, loving and overall happy to be there! So much on offer, creative and fun activities for each child. Love everything the Kindy has provided and helped achieve in such little time” - 2015

“Thankyou for everything you have done this year to help (our son) develop into a much more confident and independent little man compared to what he was like at the start of the year. We will treasure his learning journal and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into it” - 2016

"I have been extremely pleased with all aspects of Aldgate Kindy and how its educators nurture and support children (my child) and our family" - 2017

"My child is genuinely excited to go to Kindy which means you are making learning fun. Encouragement to be independent is also appreciated" - 2017

"You value and nurture every child's interests, personality, curiosities. You foster ongoing growth and development in all areas. You invest in relationships with families" - 2017

"Well organised, a place where my child feels safe, secure and its a friendly environment - this is critical. Lots of different activities to keep my child engaged" - 2017

"The connections with nature and outdoors is good, along with family activities like the soup and movie night" - 2017

"The kindy environment is looking so nice...you can see how much effort the staff are putting in to make the space look inviting" - 2018